The journey back from locs – Pt 2

Well, the big chop happened.

I got a comb and some ‘hair dressing’. I snagged a pair of scissors too. I’ve always heard that you shouldn’t use scissors to cut hair AND other things like paper or fabric. So I figured a scissors that hasn’t been used for anything else and won’t be used for anything else from now on would be a good idea.

I started by cutting one or two on the left hand side of my head to about 3-4 inches. I had this idea that I’d keep it long for the time being.

I discovered real quick that that wasn’t going to work very well. I eventually just cut them all to about an inch and started the unravelling.

Yep. My hair has always been that thin.

I washed it and conditioned it and started to unravel in the shower and realised it was going to take a lot longer because some of the locs were quite tight.

I got out and used the new hair dressing hoping it’d soften enough to finish the job. It’s actually quite nasty. So that won’t work long term. —>

<— I’ll probably just go back to my olive oil cream …

Anyway, after I got all the locs either loosened or cut, we (Scott and I) discovered that everything was uneven. Thank goodness for those shears. He helped me trim and even the ends up so that it now looks fairly decent. For a minute, we both were thinking I’d have to cover it with a hat until I get to the barber on Wednesday to fix it. As it is, I think it looks fine for the time being.

I looked at the pile of my locs sitting in the bathroom basin and felt a keen sense of grief and loss. I don’t regret this but … it’s not easy to bid goodbye to something that’s been a part of you for so long. I think I’ll be grieving for a bit. But the new light feeling on my head and the ability to wash and style it easier will help bouy me through it.

My bff says this looks like a new software release – Camille 4.0. It kind of feels like that. Upon graduating from USC, I feel like I’ve embarked on a new path. I guess the ‘do is the outward expression of that?