My memory sucks.

My memory has been sucky for years. I think it has a lot to do with anxiety, PTSD, post-graduate school, and living in Germany. I know that all sounds like excuses to you, but there is plenty of evidence to support the notion that these things all contribute to memory-decline. The Mayo Clinic lists “emotional disorders” under the reversible memory loss. I am sure that age is part of it, but I think most of my problem can be placed directly under the column of anxiety/depression and a lack of quality sleep. Now that school is done and I am getting better sleep and not being stressed daily about grades, and papers, and seeing clients at 10pm at night, I find that my memory is getting better. When I spend the day gaming or watching TV, though – which I am doing a lot of since I can do it guilt-free now – I find that my brain feels sluggish. I have been telling myself for a few weeks that I need to work my brain again. I need to write, read, get creative, explore, exercise … ‘course, the exercise bit is probably going to be harder than the rest since I have never been a big exerciser.

One of the things that I find myself missing a lot is puzzles. Crosswords, Sudoko, cryptograms, word/number finds, etc. I used to do those a lot in the olden days (geez … I wish I didn’t sound so old – heh). So I went and got me a puzzle book. It’s called Brain Games and it purports to boost memory among other things. I don’t know how true that claim is, but I know I will be enjoying every single page of this. The first one was a maze and that was pretty stimulating. I mean … here I am writing, yes? 🙂

If experience proves correct, I will be finished with this book within a month. I’ll update here then to say whether I’ve spotted any significant  changes in my memory and so on. But mostly, I am just feeling bored of being lazy. 😀