Itchy-itchy ouch.

Both the hubby and I broke out into some kind of rash on Saturday morning. We have no idea what caused this. We just woke up itching. Under his arm was a large swatch of red, angry skin with fine bumps that just looked like he’d brushed up against a toxicodendron (poison oak, poison ivy, etc). Me? Just bumps all over my chest, breasts, face, and neck. For both of us, the rash briefly spread to isolated spots on our arms and hands. We found this wash that is designed for contact with a toxicodendron and we experimented. He used is Saturday night before bed, I didn’t. We both used Benadryl gel on our bumps. The next morning, his itching was less severe, but mine was still in hell mode. I hightailed it into the shower and used the wash as well.

We are marginally better today but we still have no idea what caused it. I stripped the bed and washed the sheets and blanket in case whatever it was that caused this was on them. The itching hasn’t gotten worse so we assume that one of the dogs had it on their fur and transferred it to the blanket. Probably Casper since he was the only one on the bed between when we went to bed on Friday night and Saturday morning when we got up to feed them.

All of this to say that it was an adventure in many ways. But the biggest adventure was searching for the German equivalent to poison oak/ivy. It seems there isn’t one. The worst they have is stinging nettles which do not present in the same way. So the mystery remains unsolved. We still have no idea what caused all this. All I know is I am in itching hell.