I owe you an explanation

In January, I posted saying I had moved to Hugo and I was happy. That wasn’t a lie. I was happy. But then I wanted to post something to my blog while I was out, away from home and realised that I couldn’t. Hugo requires some kind of *nix OS to run and an ftp application to send the files to the server. That’s neat; it’s fast and small; but it is inconvenient if you’re on the move.

And so here I am … back on WordPress. Because it’s what I know and nothing else is as lean as WordPress. All the other popular blogging software tries to do it all and it shows.

Time will tell if this architecture will support a WordPress installation. I may have to tweak the server a bit, but for now … this is where I am at.

Hopefully it also means I will be posting more frequently. But I’ve promised that before, haven’t I? Yeah. I know. Stay tuned.