Games, games, GAMES!

Send help! I’ve found Unreal Tournament again!

It was purely by accident actually. I got an email from suggesting I secure my account. I don’t remember ever signing up for Epic Games or adding an account but I typed in in my browser and looked around. Apparently, at some point after I downloaded Infinity Blade to my phone, an account was created for me at with that email address that everybody and their mother now knows. Well, it’s either that or someone from Russia (the profile said my country of origin was “Russian Federation”) created one for me. If the latter – thanks dudes! now I have yet another game to distract me. Bravo! Anyway, while I am browsing around I notice this:

Unreal Tournament was probably my first foray into intense gaming – UT2K3 to be specific (HEAD SHOT). So seeing this … got me all kinds of excited and download it I did. /sigh

Apparently the ongoing side-effect of building a gaming machine is the return of my gaming “addiction” … and I put addiction in quotes because I am acutely aware of how we throw around words like “addiction” without giving real thought into how that diminishes the very real and very dangerous aspects of addiction. So … basically a gamer with societal and mental health awareness? Hmm … Whatevs … Unreal Baby!!!!

Well … after I finish this paper. heh.