Flat Earthers et al

Stumbled onto this story on Facebook:

Speakers recently flew in from around (or perhaps, across?) the earth for a three-day event held in Birmingham: the UK?s first ever public Flat Earth Convention. It was well attended, and wasn?t just three days of speeches and YouTube clips (though, granted, there was a lot of this). There was also a lot of team-building, networking, debating, workshops ? and scientific experiments. Yes, flat earthers do seem to place a lot of emphasis and priority ?

Not sure who originally shared it, so if I missed giving credit … my apologies.

I started reading it and one thought occurred to me … anti-vaccers, flat-earthers, homeopathic followers, non-GMO crowds, and the “organic” people … are these groups representative of the natural consequence of walling academia up for elites only to access? Isn’t it sort of human nature to eventually buck at the powerful dictates? I know I get frustrated when I ask a question and get a rote response and irritation if pressed. I asked a question about a strategy in a game Scott and I play, “Why do we not send this type of troop on our battles?” The response was basically, “Because I say so”. When I expand my question to explain that I have to know the why of these things, especially when evidence demonstrates it to be a bad policy, I get silence.

Children should be seen and not heard … I guess.

I am the equivalent of a child because I am brand new and young.

But I decided after a while that I was not going to listen to that command. It made no sense to me and I was losing as a result of following the rule. I made up my own rules. I didn’t like what the leaders were saying and they refused to explain their stance.

I wonder if this isn’t what we are seeing with the resurgence of these skeptic groups – a wholesale rejection of what those in power dictate to the masses.

There is only so long you can tell people what to do without them rebelling against a meaningless (on the surface) directive.

Then again … this is exactly what that article is saying … only in more academic terms. Oh the irony!