Sadly, this is the conversation that plays in my head as I watch and read people yelling indistinctly about disrespecting a flag or an anthem.

Babsy: Them NFL players brave, sah. Nuff respec’

Chad: You’re so hateful. Why do you hate America?

Babsy: “Hate America”? Well that would be quite a feat.

Chad: Huh?

Babsy: Well … “America” is an undefined concept at worst or vaguely defined at best. “The Americas” broadly refer to 3 continents and a cluster of islands in a protected expanse of water nestled in the curve of the North, South, and Central American continents. It includes diverse cultures and ethnicities evolved from the cultures of Natives to the region across the globe to the Asians and everything in between. South and Central America are predominantly Latino in cultural themes, North America is a conglomeration of several European cultures blended in with Native, African, and Asian tones. And the Caribbean is largely the descendants of slaves but includes many other ethnicities as well such as Germans descended from refugees in the World Wars, and the descendants of the indentured servants from the far East to name one or two. Well … to be honest … the concept of “blended” in North America is wishful thinking at this point in history, for where our forebears may have dreamed of a cultural melting put, what we have today is a mix of vinegar, water, and oil … and someone’s got a match lit under the whole caboodle.

Chad: What the hell are you talking about? I mean the flag and the vets and the anthem. If you support those sons of bitches and their protest, you are anti-American.

Babsy: (shaking her head) Ah .. Chad, Chad, Chad … my dear boy …

Chad: Don’t you call me “boy”, bitch.

Babsy: (sighing and rolling her eyes) Chad? If symbols such as a song, a flag, and an ideological concept of a collective entity consisting of a diverse range people in a very nebulous sense is of more consequence to you than people telling you their lived experiences are fraught with danger … then the problem isn’t those “sons of bitches”, Chad. The problem is you.