On Tuesday, Amazon let me know that someone had bought something on my baby registry (yay?) and it was on the way.

say WHAT now?

I gotta tell you … I was floored for quite a while. Amazon rarely makes mistakes and when they do they are quick to rectify and/or apologize. I clicked the link.

Yeah, yeah … I know … phishing alert and all that … I was floored, remember?

So I clicked the link and was brought to the “Start your baby registry” page. I know that at some point in the past I had started a baby stuff list on amazon; back when babies were possible for me, that is. Which made the whole deal so much more confusing for me. I was almost 100% sure that I had deleted that list. In fact, I WAS 100% sure I deleted the list because I remember I couldn’t do it after the miscarriage or after the hysterectomy. I remember I had to wait a while to go do it so I wouldn’t burst into tears as I did it. Worse still, when I created the list, Amazon hadn’t launched their baby registry feature yet so it was practically impossible that I had accidentally had a registry there that someone stumbled onto and bought something. So “Start your registry” was not an unsurprising message for me to find. What was confusing, then, was how then could I have gotten that notifcation?

Well, I had field hours soon so I shelved that conundrum for today when I would be better able to troubleshoot.

This morning, though, this was in my inbox:


Cue the laughter, yeah? :grin: Amazon … you got jokes.