Tired of the downtime.

This seems to be about the 3rd time in the last 60 days that Bluehost has had downtime.

Granted, the downtime works out to be for less than a few hours at a time, and during the wee hours of the morning for the Americas (when most of my readers would be reading) anyway, but it still bugs me that my site is down so often. I am seriously considering giving up having hosted space because of this.

For a while there, I was “hosting” at WordPress.com and just pointing my domain to them instead. The problem with that is that the Jamaican bloggers aggregator didn’t have access to my feed because it apparently reads only self-hosted WP sites and not the WP.com feeds. I’ll have to research why that is and consider whether I really need that aggregator to pick me up. Maybe the benefit outweighs the need to have my site up. We’ll see. I have to think about this less emotionally.

Honestly, the biggest plus of going to hosted at WP.com is money – of which there is little while I am not working… the biggest downside is the inability to interact with my site from a command line. (I am a techie, after all).

And maybe … there is another solution like Bluehost that will be cost effective but less unstable. If my readers (assuming there are any of you left) have suggestions, please do drop them in the comments below. I promise to stay tuned and keep up with your comments better than I have in the past. 😉

Being unorthodox all over your face

This morning, I tweeted: “So takethislollipop.com would have been more impressive if done in HTML5 #BoycottingFlashOnMyMBA” and was accosted by a follower thus: “@fyrfli boycotting flash is like boycotting windows; you love to hate it but its popular because it works.  Boycott  itunes.“.  And it reminded me again how people just love to jump on a band wagon and ride it until its wheels fall off.

There was no discourse on why I chose to boycott flash (“OnMyMBA”, note) and no discussion as to it’s merits or downfalls – just a random attack on my choice to do so. When I subsequently tried to be witty with the well-known mantra “#DareToBeDifferent”, I was again told that it is common place, used, works, known … etc. yet still no asking after my reasons.

I have a long time love-hate relationship with all Adobe products. A lot of it is irrational I will freely admit. I simply have not chosen to educate myself fully on the matter. Frankly, I believe that the larger issue here (the stability of Flash as a platform) is above my pay grade. And this is possibly another irrational judgement call, but there it is.

The fact is that in my experience, Adobe products (Reader, AIR, Flash) have given me more headaches than I care to remember. In fact, just about every single experience I have had with Adobe has been painful and forgettable. But this is my experience … no one else’s. That it coincides with the general view out there of the products is telling. I’ve seen a great number of people lament that Flash could perform better, that it’s implementation is buggy, that it doesn’t play well with others, etc. The problem is that up until now, Flash has been the only option and so people embrace it, love it, defend it and … continue to patronize it.

One of the things that I am telling myself these days is that I need to really live my life out loud and stop being afraid of being decried or debunked. My life is the sum of my experiences – I own them and they have taught me things that I don’t know that anyone else can claim to have learnt. My choices and my opinions are based on my experiences and I make judgement calls based on that and that alone.

I have never been one to conform to the crowd just because everyone else was doing it, or because it’s the one thing that works or because it’s the only known solid solution. Just because everyone is using Flash – to develop or to publish – doesn’t make my choice to NOT install it on my laptop a bad decision. Nor does it make it an uninformed decision. If at any time in the future I find that my daily duties are hampered because I do not have Flash installed, I will certainly swallow hard and do the deed because at the end of the day, my choices are never the kind to “cut off my nose to spite my face”.

Until then I shall continue to #BoycotFlashOnMyMBA because I LOVE how that snappy, happy, speedy feel and would hate to bog it down with more crap than is absolutely necessary.   #JustSayin’