A little excitement at the annual McChord Field Air Show

This weekend, my parents arrived for a 2 week visit. They landed at 10pm Pacific time on Saturday night. They were a little jet lagged, but happy to see me. Despite that, despite getting to sleep some 2 hours or more later, they insisted on accompanying hubby and I to the annual air show at McChord Field on Sunday.

I have always loved me some jet engines. I have been known to get out of my bed early morning on a weekend and drive to the Palisadoes strip, outside the lighthouse, to watch the planes land over the road onto the runway at Norman Manley International.

I get a hell of a thrill just feeling the power in those jet engines as they powered up for a landing or a take-off. An almost embarrassingly orgasmic kind of thrill. So this air show was the thrill of a lifetime for me.

We saw so much, I can’t write about it all. The one big moment was when the B-1B bomber broke the sound barrier and I caught it on film.


Hubby tapped me on the shoulder just after I got that shot and asked me, “Did you hear it?”

I asked, “Hear what?”

“He broke the sound barrier.”

“Damn. I didn’t hear anything.”

“You might have seen it too – like a puff of smoke.”

So we rapidly paged a shot or two back and saw that I had actually caught the moment in a perfectly framed image.

I rock!

Happy 4th!

It took me almost 4 years to be able to say that – Happy 4th – without feeling like a complete sellout.

But this year, hubby drove me into Lacey especially to take in the fireworks show and get some images. And I’ll be completely honest with you, it was more the prospect of photographing my first fireworks show that I was excited about than anything else.

I’ve seen fireworks shows before in Jamaica. The US ambassador would shoot some off on the 4th from his embassy on the hill in St. Andrew and on at least one occasion the Jamaican government fired some off from a barge in the harbour for the Jamaican independence celebrations. But you haven’t really done fireworks until you’ve done them 4th of July style in the US.

Lacey did it with style this year. According to hubby, it wasn’t quite as elaborate as he has seen in times past, but for a newb like me, it seemed elaborate enough for me.

And to top it off, it seems as if my photos did pretty well. I shot them in RAW (as well as JPEG) and they came out remarkably well. I learned a few lessons from the outing. Like, I need to position myself with most of the distracting objects behind me in stead of in front, but having an object for the lens to focus on makes a shit load of good too; all in all even with the light posts and the people in my images, they looked pretty darn good. Also, I could have been closer to the display than this … that would have gotten them higher in my frames instead of near the bottom with all that blank sky in the top of the shot.

No matter … so long as we aren’t in one of the wildfire states next year (and presuming hubby is with me again) I’ll do better.

And oh yea – I must say the weather has held up really well for this holiday. The sky was clear as a bell last night and today is bright and cheery. Pretty damned odd for the PNW this time of year, but I am grateful for that.

three sixty five days in pictures

I’ve toyed with the idea of embarking on a 365 project. I’ve seen people do 365 days of ME which seems a little boring to me. Who would want to see 365 pictures of me?

Since I am trying to amp up my photography, a generic 365 days in pictures might be a nice project to take on.

I only regret not starting the day hubby left in April – it would have been a really nice project to have throughout this deployment – wouldn’t it?

I think I shall do just that, actually.

I’ll make a new site (probably definitely 365.fyrfli.net – if it’ll allow a sub-domain with that name) and I’ll make it a WordPress driven site with a photo gallery theme … and I shall call it …  365 fyrfli. Simple.


Stay tuned.

I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus…

It’s been a whirlwind 2 weeks.

Hubby came home on R&R on the 11th …

The Friday before, I spent most of the day with his aunt in Austin – apartment hunting for her and my very first visit to an IKEA store. On Saturday, I spent the day scouring the places in the house that hadn’t seen scouring for a while … places like window screens, etc. I was exhausted Saturday night, but managed to sleep well enough to be in good shape on Sunday when he landed.

He’s been WoW starved, so he spent a great deal of time these last 2 weeks in-game. We managed to get out a little – camping one night, eats here and there, a drive to BLORA (where the campsite was), a visit to Michigan to see his family (surprised the beejesus outta all of them too) … it was a jam-packed week. The house looks like a tornado passed through.

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New toys? For me? I promise I won’t break them this time!

I had to find the exact quote and use it.

By far, XT-002 Deconstructor is possibly one of WoW’s most annoying boss fights ever (“NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!” in a high-pitched voiced, kiddie-tantrum fashion complete with pounding his fists into the floor) … but right here and right now, his first statement is so very apt.

I’ve got a couple new toys! I promise I won’t break them this time!

Well, one of them hasn’t arrived yet and I am going to have to wait until next week before I’ll see it. That would be the iPhone 4.  I tried pre-ordering for delivery, but it failed every time and I got impatient. Besides, I figure it’ll be nice to take a road trip down to Austin and pick it up … hopefully, I won’t get squashed in the store. Wish me luck?

In any case, I have abused my iPhone 3G pretty badly – moreso than any other phone I’ve had and I wonder what the deal is with that … how is it that the fanatically cautious fyrfli has been so careless? I tell myself I will be more careful this time and I probably will … the 3G has dropped far less in these last few months than it did in the first few months. That might have something to do with not putting it in my back pocket whilst I climb out of the Jeep anymore. 🙂

But today … WordPress 3.0 was unleashed. As of this writing, they number of downloads are still under 20,000 as per the download counter page.

I’ve had multiple requests to report whether there are any breaks and so I figured this was as good a time as any to post something and see whether anything has really broken. I guess we’ll see once I press the button.

So pretty … so shiny … *pets new WordPress install* …

On a serious note, the upgrade went flawlessly, I pushed the button in the admin panel and was done in minutes. Nothing was broken when I first reloaded the page, my theme has remained sound and all my plugins seem to still work well. So I am going to say that this has been a very successful upgrade.

I guess time will tell if those little tiny niggling things are still working too … you know, the ones that make you look back and say “I should have waited before I said I like it.” 😉


In other news, took a little trip out to the local lake here … got a couple picts … G said it doesn’t feel like my usual shots and she’s right … either I am rusty, or I just dislike Texas so much that it’s coming out in the pictures … or … maybe it’s time for me to try something else? You tell me …

Belton Lake Lookout tower

Sky Ducks

A sudden burst of the creative

IMG_5947 IMG_5947, originally uploaded by ~fyrfli~.

I had a productive day today. I felt so good about myself that I decided to actually unplug for a while and go do something other than stare at this screen. So I set up the little collapsible lawn chair outside and sat out with my Kindle reading. It was such a pretty day though that by the time I had read about 10 Kindle pages, I couldn’t ignore the day anymore. It was windy out, but such a blue, blue sky and nice and cool – not cold. I sat there with my face turned up to the sky for about 5 minutes, just enjoying the smell, the wind, the sun and then I got up, put the precious Kindle to sit on the dining table and grabbed the camera. Somehow, it seems that the only thing worth taking was the sky, though. The sky through the trees … and my usual lens flare to accompany this particular gem. I’d forgotten what joy I get just …. snapping pictures of random Mother Nature finds. /sigh