Wow! It’s been a while!

It’s been so long since I actually wrote here that I didn’t even realise when the site went completely dark and I don’t know how long it’s been dark. I sort of doubt anyone else noticed either. Blogging hasn’t been a huge focus of mine for so long that I don’t think anyone comes here anymore. Nevertheless, this morning I was inspired to blog again. I don’t know how long it’ll last, but I guess that’s part of the benefit of having a permanent place of my own. No pressure.

I’ll save today’s post for tomorrow or so when I’ve had a chance to proofread the brain-dump that it is. I just wanted to peep in and see what’s been happening here (which is nothing).

Gotta love those 500 errors. You never know what it means but it sure does give a nice boost to the ego when one figures it out and can fix it.


You know your pet is cute when …

So funny story. Because the hubster’s schedule is wonky for a bit, I’ve got evening dog walking duties for a few days. He liked walking Rusty in the evenings because of all the attention they get together. My two boys, out trolling for winks and woos.  He probably won’t admit it out loud, but that’s ok. I know how it goes. 😊

This evening, I encountered two ladies walking in the opposite direction. By the way, I dunno about this notion that your pets get you more attention. Moments before, Rusty and I passed a young man who looked like he barely wanted to say hello. It must be a woman thing. Or maybe I wasn’t looking as cute as I thought I was. Whatever the case, he almost totally ignored us. Those two women, though, didn’t hesitate to call out “Hallo Rusty.” No hallos for me. No siree. It was all about the cute doggie. 

I see how it is. 

Ooh; new WordPress version is out

So I hear that it’s easier to add formatting into the edit box. I bet that means you have to be using the visual box.

Apparently they updated things like:

  • lists
  • quotes
  • but not bold or italic formatting? how droll

At least quoting works.

And headings:

Like this one.

I really wish they’d done bold though; and italics. Oh well; no worries. That gets converted upon publication. 😀


P.S. By the way, I am late. This happened last week Tuesday; on my birthday no less. :/

The Great Movie Trope adventure

My friend Annetta Ribken kindly (or maybe not so kindly) linked an article from for me today. I’m not sure whether Netta will remain a friend or not after this because I haven’t been able to leave since. Thankfully, I managed to avoid clicking the link until I had finished at least one of my “must do” tasks for today (the other sits languishing in my to-do list, awaiting some semblance of self-discipline to show itself).

I had to write about this adventure down because it validates some of the asinine mistakes that I have noticed in several films over the years. When I first clicked through from the link, I was taken directly to the “Artistic License” page (well, naturally since that is what the article was making reference to). It’s interesting to note that the first real “fact” that I picked up from this activity was that military uniforms aren’t wrong in films deliberately to escape punitive measures from the authorities. No; military uniforms are wrong in films because the writers or costumers just couldn’t be bothered to get it right (or maybe they truly, honestly, do not know it’s wrong). I know that is an link, but to be honest, only makes a superficial reference to the text in that link.

I clicked through a few of the other Artistic License pages just for fun and, among other things, found that the Mormons actually are not happy at all that one of the things they are most known for is polygamy. Which sort of makes good common sense – why would any religious group want to be known by something which is illegal in most (if not all) of the western world. Still, I find it odd that this is what they are known most for; when they first made landfall in Jamaica, there was a rumour going around that the church stipulated that no black people were going to be allowed in heaven and that only 122,000 people had places reserved for them in heaven. There was tons of backlash because it’s kind of silly to bring a denomination to a country where more than half the adherents are likely to be at a distinct disadvantage. Since I grew up with some common sense, I knew that particular rumour had to be skewed and that the truth was likely something entirely different. I mean really … it’s not possible that they would make a mistake like that – right?

But I digress …

One of the more interesting links took me into the Martial Arts page, and eventually on into the Jean Claude Van Damme page where it seems as if most of this heroic stunts are fairly realistic – well, except for that “spinning splits jumpkick”, of course… maybe. Still, it kind of made me giggly to note that his middle name is “Camille”…. ::snicker:: (Which is all sort of relevant since just this last weekend I was introduced to his epic split collaboration with Volvo Trucks #CannotWatchEnough)

Anyway, I started looking for that annoyingly stupid trope of the computer programmer; the one in particular that always gets me to gnash my teeth is Hugh Jackman in Swordfish. I mean, even if you might be inclined to believe being able to hack a high-security, 128-bit encrypted website in 60 seconds under rather questionable circumstances, you couldn’t possibly believe that any programmer with a brain programmes with a stream of “no, no, no, please, yes!” and “oh baby!” and “we are crusin’” and “yeah. ha ha ha ha” … because … no. No one writes code like that. Trust me. Programmers have been known to yell “Whoohoo!” when a particularly stubborn piece of code finally works, but that Hugh Jackman nonsense is all Hollywood, baby, as says about Stanley Jobson in Swordfish, “Mostly amazing in his first demonstration: he is ordered to hack into the Department of Defense in 60 seconds while at gun point, and receiving oral sex. Amazingly, his typing in between buttons and in between rows means something to the computer he uses.” Yeah … no; not a chance.

There’s a lot of neat stuff to be learned on this site and as I mentioned in my Facebook post, it really can end up being a trip down the Rabbit Hole if you aren’t careful. Even if not, it most certainly is one huge time sink. So … yeah – make sure you’ve got a few hours to spend before you click through these links. I refuse to be responsible for anyone else missing deadlines tonight (or the rest of this week, for that matter).


The weekend plan that wasn’t

Well, Seattle was a bit of a bust this weekend. Aside from nearly being driven off the interstate a few times by stupid people (they are all around me, I swear!), the rain made driving this side of hellacious and the weekend ended with me fighting yet another cold. The one bright spot was socializing with my friend and her neighbours on Saturday afternoon.

Apparently, the guy who lives across the street from her makes beer as a hobby (they also drink a lot of it – no surprise there). He introduced me to one of the bitterest beers I have ever encountered. Well, that’s not really saying much because I don’t drink a lot of beer. All I know is Red Stripe and every beer out there must live up to that standard or I ain’t drinking it. Mostly, American beers make me want to just drink water instead – far more tasty. This beer was flavour-a-mighty. Even with the bitterness that makes you think you’d just sprayed your mouth with something nasty. The bitterness kind of grew on me and I realised that after the initial bitterness, the flavour kind of just settled in.

I had always thought that beer is supposed to be a melding of flavours, but apparently, bitterness is a key feature of beer. This explains why people think Heineken is better than Red Stripe because Heineken has a far more bitter taste. Despite what the truth of the matter is, I still think Red Stripe is a beautiful blend of all the flavours – at least when you get the one that isn’t watered down for exportation. In any case, Heineken and Red Stripe are lager beers. That sets them apart from the beer family automatically, apparently. I don’t know much about the subject, and I don’t much care to – I just found these little bits of information fascinating.

The biggest thing about this beer, though, wasn’t so much the taste as how it crept up on me and smacked me upside the head. Traditionally, I nurse my drinks especially if I think I might be drinking for a while. I know my limits and I try to stick within them. This means, an evening that looks like it’s going to last a few hours requires me to spread 2 to 3 drinks over the duration. In the long run, it didn’t matter because just at the point when the bartender usually asks if I want a refill, the beer slammed into me with a vengeance. One minute I was fine, the next minute I was tipsy. That has never happened to me before, at least not without some guzzling on my part.

I took my hint and stopped drinking immediately. If just one glass of beer spread out over the course of an hour or two could do that, then there was no telling what else would happen had I continued. The impromptu party was beginning to wind down anyway. Which reminds me – these people gather for impromptu parties all the time, my friend tells me. It’s like the neighbours look out their windows and see one family out and they all come out to chat. Something Americans probably find fascinating, but something that we Jamaicans are perfectly well aware of – aren’t we my fellow yaadies?

Well, it’s Monday and I’ve got a ton of work to get through today – so I’m off. Have a productive Monday all.

Phantom limb syndrome… With a tooth?

So, if phantom limb syndrome is defined as “the sensation that an amputated or missing limb (even an organ, like the appendix) is still attached to the body and is moving appropriately with other body parts” (from Wikipedia), then can this sensation that my left lower wisdom tooth is still in my mouth, hurting and falling out be described as ‘phantom tooth syndrome’?

Inquiring minds want to know.

The ‘101 things’ page

I added 6 more items to the 101 things page.

Things that might surprise you all. 🙂

Check it out.

I’d forgotten most of those facts about me. It’s in talking to a friend tonight about religion and faith that I hit a chain remembrances – starting with playing the piano for church all the way to being a brownie and girl guide.  Don’t ask how those are linked, they just are. 😛

I’ve forgotten more than what most people know nowadays. That sounds arrogant, but I look back at all the things my parents made me learn and do and participate in and I realize that it’s a heck of a lot for one introverted girl. I always preferred to read a book than anything else. Odd how things turned out, eh? 😉

Geek humour from my friends. :D

This is classic! Just classic!!!

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Roses are #FF0000
violets are #0000FF
chown -R you ~/base
#geekhumour #unixhumour
/via @traceyctt cc @fyrfliless than a minute ago via Echofon

Kitty cats and strange noises

So funny story:

Our water is off today to  allow for the installation of new fire hydrants in our little neighbourhood.

True to my Jamaican upbringing, I gathered together what I could and caught some water for myself to use. You never know when you may need to make a small cleanup or wash your hands thoroughly for some reason … or have to make an emergency flush on the toilet. 😉

At about 10:30, I started to hear some gurgling noises. I couldn’t quite pinpoint the direction, but soon the kitties did it for me. The toilet intake was coughing because the water was turned back on (only briefly, mark you) and the pressure was pushing air out through the pipes and into the tank. So of course, knowing how that can blow a pipe’s workings easily, I turned the toilet intake off and turned on the bathroom tub faucet to allow the air to pass harmlessly out.

The cats were both scared and curious. This really is no good without a photograph and maybe I’ll be here when it comes on again to get another photo of them having at it. (I’ll attach it if and when I do.)

The funny part is watching them sitting at the doorway to the bathroom, their heads twisting first one way and then another… Nala clearly decided the door stopper was the culprit and proceeded to bat at it with her foot (stop … the … noise … you … stupid … thing…), Binky decided he was more scared than curious (rare indeed) and jumped onto the desk in the room across the hall to watch from afar.  Nala actually got halfway through the doorway and peered around the door … but silly me wanting to see more moved closer and startled her.

Hilarious! My kitties are the best – they keep me sane. 🙂