My wedding

img_4258It was supposed to rain. The forecast that I had been getting for a week predicted scattered thunderstorms and/or scattered showers. I was thankful that we had booked the pavillion at the park … we just might get soaked. Nevermind that there was nothing about the pavillion that said “wedding”, the idea was to keep dry while we said our vows.

Well, the day dawned fair and clear. Not a cloud in sight. In actuality, it was HOT by the time we were getting ready to head out.

The family insisted that hubby (wewt! no longer hubby2B, now hubby!!!) should NOT spend the night under the same roof as I and so HIS family took him in for the night. Of course, that meant I would sleep like crap that night… and so said, so done. After getting into bed LONG after 10pm, I lay awake until after midnight willing sleep to come. It oughtn’t to be so hard either, I was exhausted with all the preparations and stresses of making the parents comfortable on a budget. Yet sleep eluded me. I finally fell off at about 1ish but I was wide awake again come 3:45am and staring into the ceiling and feeling the abject emptiness in the bed beside me as well as the excitement of the upcoming day beginning to build in my stomach. I was afraid there was no more sleep in me; yet somehow I managed to grab another 2 hours before giving up completely and getting out of bed at 7.

I took a shower. I went downstairs and made coffee for the parents. I called my MoH. I put on my underwear. I walked around looking completely lost … until MoH walked through the door. And then it was time to get moving because there was still makeup and hair to be done and we had maybe an hour and a half left.

She did a beautiful job with my hair. The sparkling spiral clips were a godsend sitting on the Walmart shelf with the other hair accessories. They were perfect for the dress and it’s diamante decoration at the bustline. Add the choker that MoH gave me (something borrowed) and I was beginning to LOOK like a stunner. The makeup was simple … unobtrusive, just enough to make you notice that I indeed have EYES that are semi-good looking. And then we realized that we had exactly 15 minutes before the departure time that my father had suggested. Being a stickler for time, my family rushed to get out on-time. We still had to pickup my last-minute-idea bouquet … thank goodness there was a florist right across the street from the park AND that I had seen it and had the idea to check them out.
bouquetMy stargazer lily bouquet was just beautiful. And even though I was being told left right and center about being beautiful, I just felt like I was posing. All this wonder and beauty and goodness for me? It was unbelievable. I was walking in a daze. I just didn’t care about anything, I just wanted to FEEL beautiful for today and somehow, we had all managed to accomplish that with no additional effort.

As we turned into the park, my cell phone rang – hubby was on the phone asking what the arrangement with the JofP was, because he had been at the park since 9:30 and the JofP had yet to arrive. Well, panic started to set in. I hadn’t heard ANYthing from the JofP since I made the appointment with him 2 weeks before … and frankly the details of our conversation were dim in memory … but I was SURE that we had spoken about the exact location because he had said something about doing many other weddings there before.

Anyway, the photographer said that he would probably be able to find someone to substitute if, in fact, things went potty and so I relaxed. I wasn’t going to let ANYTHING spoil my day. No matter how hard it tried.

Thankfully, Mr. JofP arrived at exactly 10:15 on the nose. Pulling up in a little blue car that belied his bearing. Not very tall, Mr. JofP was quite official looking in his pin-striped suit and his shiny black shoes. A professional, clearly.
meanddadIt was getting hotter though and I wanted to get on with it. So, we climbed into the car, MoH and I … and right then, the panic, the doubt, the uncertainty set in. Suppose he didn’t really WANT to marry me, suppose he ran out on me in the middle of the vows? Could this day be REALLY real? Should I pinch myself and see if I am dreaming? No way could I have been this lucky – a handsome, gentle, strong man was in-love with me – so much so that he waited for my legal papers to be in place so he could marry me. He waited a whole year for me. How could I have been THAT lucky? I’ve never BEEN this lucky.

Anyway, MoH was an angel. She spoke such supportive things – the one thing that made me stop hyperventilating was her one last statement before we moved off : “He loves you and you 2 are SO GOOD together.”Β  I held back the tears, nodded my head and said “Let’s go”

Standing with Dad waiting for my cue, I started bawling again. It was pathetic. Dad grabbed my hand in his arm and squeezed and whispered “It’s ok. They are good people. HE is good people. You are fine. We love you.”Β  over and over … and finally the tears held up long enough for me to get moving.


It was a beautiful ceremony. I watched hubby’s eyes when he saw me for the first time and I swear to GOD his eyes moistened. And there was SO MUCH LOVE and affection in them … I nearly started crying again.


And Dear Heaven, the tears were threatening again because I never imagined that the vows we would say would have God’s word as a part of it. It was perfect.
p8230825After the ceremony, whilst I dried the errant tears that were dribbling out of my eyes, everybody got into place to get pictures and can I tell you that EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO WAS PRESENT had a camera of their own to get pictures with? It was truly amazing to see it. I was smiling by then, happy, content, satisfied …. I was MRS.

The rest of the morning was spent taking pictures – it was tiring trying to keep up a smile and a few pictures had me doing an odd thing with my mouth – pursing my lips like I was upset at something. But after holding your smile together for an hour, it begins to FEEL false, know what I mean?

We headed out to this secret place for the brunch. It was a secret, I am not sure why but MoH categorically refused to tell us where it was and insisted that it was supposed to be a surprise and it SHOULD be a surprise and that we were just to relax and let her take care of it. Well, it WAS a surprise. Genuine Italian food, complete with truck-stop portions and one HUGE cheesecake cut precisely into 10 pieces of pure dreamdom.

All in all, it was a WONDERFUL morning and everyone seemed satisfied. Hubby’s parents still seemed to like me, MY parents liked him, they all liked each other …. yes, it turned out to REALLY be one BIG happy family and I can safely say that I am ecstatic.

The absolute MOST perfect day of my ENTIRE life – August 23rd, 2008.

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  1. LAWKSOkay I bawling now…LOL….This is beautiful and so are the two of you!!! I tell you, you deserve every God-blessed thing that is happening to you!! You've walked a long, odd road and now you're basking in the gentle glow of the Hubby's love in the clearing after that odd forest of…oddness πŸ™‚ Bask, shine, glow, smile, grin, cry, scream, leap!!! This is all yours!! You said the cheesecake was cut precisely into '10 pieces of pure dreamdom' …Well darling, your life IS in dreamdom-mode…and it's all YOURS…and YOURS is plural!!! YAY!!! Geez. This thing really making me emotional….I need a cookie. LOVE YOU CAMMY!!!!

  2. You captured your special day so eloquently, and being the incurable romantic that I am, I felt like bawling down the place. But the tears that welled up were of joy.Girl, your experience testifies that true love exists, and can happen to anyone. And it has nothing to do with luck, I think.Bless up to both of you!

  3. I saw this blog post @ work and decided to read it. A few trusted colleagues wanted to know what it was about. Trust me, this story has touched them too. Total strangers.BTW – MOH is HOT. πŸ™‚

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