Everybody deserves a little excitement

Yep – we all deserve a little excitement in life every now and then. I just prefer that mine not have to do with sitting in a mud-bound jeep for just under an hour waiting for someone to come literally “yank” us out.

I got something like 5 hours sleep last night because I had to be up early to collaborate with schoolmates on an assignment. Nevermind why I didn’t go to  bed early or what I was doing why I went to bed in the first place. This is not the time or place for WoW discussions. *smirk*

The idea, today, was to take the half-asleep wife out to the mud holes to show her just how “uber” our Rubicon is in the mud. Well, that was all well and good until one realizes that the half-asleep wife is a worry-wart who doesn’t really have fun in the same ways he does.

We were going great too – until I decided to weigh in and say “While I can see how this is fun, I am not having all that much fun because I am too preoccupied with worrying whether we’re going to get stuck or something…” Hubby goes “We’re not going to get stuck! I was out here just the other night…”

And predictably, what happens? We get hung up on a mud bar. Let me explain. These particular trails are swampland on the banks of a river. They are literally mud tracks through the woods full of mud and water and tree branches, etc. Well, hubby turned a corner and said “this particular hole is a little deep”. And while I tried to figure out why we were going in anyway, he launches the Rubicon in full throttle and we grind to a halt.

Presumably, we’re stuck, but when he gets out and watches while I try to maneuver the jeep out, he realizes that the wheels are all moving freely and when we turn the wheels all the way, we notice that the front axle is hung up on a mud pack in the middle of the road. You know that part of a track that gets built up when the tire ruts on either side keep getting deeper and deeper?

While we wait for help (because help is what we needed), hubby took pictures. I refused to get out of the Jeep simply because I didn’t feel there was need for me to get as muddy as he did.


The Cavalry arrived…

The Cavalry

And hauled our asses out … well, yanked is more accurate description

The after

Man, it doesn’t even look half as bad as it felt sitting in the driver’s seat. But we’re home and all is well and I can say I had a pretty exciting day. Although … I won’t be game for that kind of excitement anytime again soon….


At least my boots got to see some “real” action.

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