Well, I guess I could be described as a geek .. thought it is hard to tell these days whether offense is likely to be taken at that term or not. Frankly, to me the term “geek” indicates someone (male OR female) who is intensely interested and somewhat skilled in technology – be it computers, or game systems, cellular phones, or stereo sets.  I realize that is a very large umbrella to erect… so allow me to summarize by saying: if it involves technology, particularly electronics, and you’re addicted to learning, using and experiencing it … then you are most likely a geek.

I am a geek and proud of it. Specifically, I am a gadget geek. iPhone, iTouch, Kindle, Macbook, iMac, camera, cellphone … I get really excited about anything like that and back in the day when I earned a technology salary, would splurge and get myself one of the newest gadgets so I could play with it, share the experience with friends and online on my blog.

I am known to change my blog theme every few days. When blogs first became new to me, I played around with different blog software. I started out on blogger back in the days when it was not yet owned by Google. That became old really quickly when I realized I wanted to control my own webspace. fyrfli.net was born back in those days … my hosting company then was Hostrocket and it was my soul-sister Yolospat who introduced me to Hostrocket in the first place. I was happy with them for many years, until the day I found out that you didn’t have to pay for extra space or extra domains or neat little things such as addon domains. It was then I ended up at bluehost.com instead.

Wonderful set of people bluehost.com. In the beginning I was a little disappointed because they throttled cpu usage. However, they soon after addressed that issue and I have not had any issues with them since… “since” equates to about 2 or 3 years now.  I have to say that I would strongly recommend bluehost.com to anyone who is looking for web hosting.

Yolospat might disagree since she’s has very good experiences with This*. I haven’t had any reason or inclination to even investigate them too thoroughly yet, but I am aware that us technology fanatics need to keep current. I need to check in with the newest hosts and make sure that I am getting as good a deal as I once knew I was.

In any case, I am also somewhat of a game-head. I love role playing games. My closest friends will tell you that they have always known me to be particularly addictive when it comes to certain games … started with Diablo, Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter nights, Sacred … then finally World of Warcraft which I still play to this day. In fact, it is within the mystical world of Azeroth where I first met my now husband and somehow, we managed to build, maintain and eventually graduate a relationship. I still sit in awe to this day. I have no clue how we managed to do it, but we did and here we are. And I am the happiest right now at this very minute than I have ever been in my entire life.

Incidentally, I love taking photographs and fancy myself a kind of amateur of sorts. In fact, I have managed to sell one of my photographs to a cover designer for a published book. (see details here).  I usually post my photos on flickr .. though depending on what the subject matter is or how many photographs there are, they end up on picasa as a private album, on facebook (ugh!) or on my own gallery hosted here on bluehost.com as well.

In summary, here are a few more points about me: