on being HSP -pt3

So, I have more to say about being HSP. Surprised?

One of the aspects of being HSP is being able to sense the feelings and emotions of others. I’ve done a lot of reading all over the internet and in Elaine Aaron’s “HSP Bible” and while not being able to yet come up with the best way to shield myself from the emotions of others, one thing I have learned is that this is a skill that HSPs must learn in order to be able to tolerate large gatherings.

Being able to sense others feelings or emotions is not something a lot of people are aware of. I have often been around people and suddenly feel sad or elated for no apparent reason… there was once a time I thought maybe I was manic because I would experience such a gamut of emotions. Elaine Aaron’s theory has explained this to me – along with scores of other collections of materials that I’ve read over the years.

You have probably heard people speak of Empaths. And empath functions in much the same way. And I myself have been attempting to distinguish between an empath and an HSP. One thing I have concluded is that all HSPs are likely empaths, but not all empaths are going to be an HSP. So, I wrote about Empaths a little while back and I have been thinking about it ever since I think.