101 things

101 things you never knew about me (or maybe you did).

  1. I am Jamaican-born
  2. I migrated to the US in July, 2008
  3. I’m a hopeless loner (or introvert) without any chance of recovery
  4. A WoW addict; but still find time for other games: Neverwinter Nights, Assassin’s Creed; Sim City to name a few I’ve lost patience with Blizzard’s arrogance. I play Diablo III when I want some gaming alone time, but I am pissed off that they insisted on making it online only. I play Rift when I want to do social gaming. When I’m not playing either, I’m reading or watching TV. Gaming is losing it’s hold on me. Yay me!
  5. Am  HSP and a somewhat suppressed empath
  6. I am somewhat a bit misanthropic – no personal offence is meant by my saying that, people just tend to disappoint me quite a bit.
  7. I am an only child. My Mom wants me to break the cycle cos she is an only child too.
  8. Speaking of which, I am currently childless. I have always thought I would never bear my own children because by the time I was ready for them, I couldn’t physically. So I have always made adoption a very real part of my extending-the-family plan.  This still remains to be seen. One never knows. (Feb ’09)
  9. I am terrified of motherhood. I know it will rob me of ALL my me-time, it will also test my well-known patience limits – not anxious to fail at it.
  10. An avid reader. I started reading at 6 (with Nancy Drew and “The  Quest of the Missing Map”) and haven’t really stopped since; no favourite authors since Stephen King disappointed me with Dark Tower series, but I do tend toward the thrillers and true crime.
  11. An emetophobe; never knew there was a name for it until I read a review of a House M.D. episode Airborne where one woman said the episode challenged her emetophobia. Of course, I had to look that up and lo! and behold! a NAME for my long detested “ailment”.
  12. A sometimes amateur photographer and true to my geek aspect, I maintain my own gallery (though these days, ain’t much going on in that arena; there are more WoW screenshots up there than anything else.) A great deal of my photos make  it onto my flickr too.
  13. I also maintain a Wiki – which for the most part is just an exercise in learning a new web technology but also has a great deal of info for me (school, cooking, poems I’ve written, etc).
  14. I recently started a new blog which is supposed to chronicle the less personal/intimate details of my life.
  15. I can play pool (pocket billiards) and was actually quite good back in the day … until I lost interest.
  16. Am somewhat of a perfectionist. If I can’t get it done perfectly, I’d rather not do it. I am learning to quell that aspect of myself however, and just do the best I can with the materials and/or resources I have. Attempt as much as I can for as long as I can and give it as much of myself as I can spare without denying some other aspect of myself.
  17. I LOVE cats and currently live with 2 of them
  18. I am allergic to dander, dust, some pollen cats, dogs, horses, and cows dust based on official tests. As a result of worsening allergies and a non-responsive and fast-spreading breakout of hives, I had to give up my kitties. ; these have gotten doubly worse upon moving to Kentucky where my husband is stationed. (Feb ’09)
  19. I am a military spouse as of Aug 23, 2008 AND PROUD OF IT!!!
  20. I don’t really have favourite artists or actors/actresses but tend to like some more than others: any music that’s easy going and smooth to listen to – such as Sarah McLachlan and Enya but also like the heavy stuff Three Days Grace, Creed, Linkin Park; and any actor who has proven themselves versatile taking on many roles and excelling at them.
  21. My favourite color: dark green October
  22. I am trained in the art of computer programming and related avenues
  23. I worked as a database administrator for most of my working life; programmer/analyst for the rest
  24. I learn REAL easy – generally if you give me something to learn, give me practice runs and I will know it within 2 days
  25. My latest first job upon moving to the States proves my own versatility – I am a tax preparer with Jackson Hewitt and apparently doing well (according to the boss) (Feb ’09)
  26. I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Communications with a concentration in Technology with the University of Phoenix Online.
  27. I don’t have a lot of friends, but the ones I do have are close to me
  28. I can be ultra-sensitive and don’t like being made fun of (typical only child?)
  29. I learned to swim at an early age I (something like 6 or 7)
  30. I took dancing lessons as a child and hated it, I still hate dancing. OK maybe not hate, strongly dislike.
  31. I took piano lessons – all the way to Grade 7. I started studying for Grade 8 (the highest grade for Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music), but it collided with A level preparations – music lost the toss. I was never a prodigy, anyway; my talent was not in-born.
  32. I took basic violin lessons –  and sucked at it. My hands are just too small for stringed instruments.
  33. I sang contralto in 2 church choirs for the majority of my early teen years.
  34. I attempt to maintain my own locs – my old hairdresser would be horrified at my work
  35. I’m an Apple convert – all computers in the house are now Macs – 2 iMacs (mine and hubby’s), Macbook, an iTouch each and hopefully soon-to-be iPhone owners too.
  36. I am gadget geek – I love to tinker with gadgets. I might not pull them apart out of fear of not being able to put them together again, but I will play with them until I know how they work.
  37. I have a little Taino in me – an aunt of my Dad’s (which would make her my great aunt, eh?) did some research and found that our family was directly descended from a Spanish-Taino mix of peoples. I am very proud of that.
  38. My Dad’s family is quite large; I know almost none of them very well.
  39. My Mom’s family is a mystery and for privacy reasons I don’t want to talk about it anymore publicly
  40. I don’t make New Year’s resolutions – they are a waste of my thought processes. Instead I strive each year to be the best I can be at everything I attempt and keep the golden rule in the forefront of my mind each step of the way “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.
  41. I am not religious. I don’t go to church, and have no desire to go to church.
  42. I am spiritual. I believe in a supreme being and an afterlife – thought it isn’t in any way similar to anything I have been taught growing up. Research showed that I have a concept of spirituality most commonly attributed to the Pagan religions. I identify most with the Naturalistic Pantheists these days after much searching and researching. It’s probably the most comfortable I’ve been with my spirituality in years.
  43. I can teach myself just about anything so long as I can motivate myself to do so – HTML self-taught; php somewhat self-taught; CSS somewhat self-taught.
  44. I will delay bedtime for hours just because I love what I am doing and hate to put a stop to it and return to the real world – example: right now, I am writing this list and need to go to bed but still here because I want to finish it and don’t want the work-world to start again as it will tomorrow.
  45. I used to smoke – binge-smoking in fact. I stopped the minute I came to the US. I am 7 months going on 4 years smoke-free (except for a brief falling off of the wagon in February 2012 during an extremely stressful period) and for the most part urge-free.
  46. I am an advocate for pet neutering. Unless you are a breeder, there is no reason to allow your pets to multiply. Want more, go adopt another. There are TONS of pets out there without homes. Almost ALL of them will be euthanized before you can make up your mind whether I am cruel or not.
  47. I someday hope to own a salt water fish tank – it is very expensive and very time consuming and I know that day won’t come soon.
  48. I have always been a little sickly. It’s a little embarrassing, but I am learning to acknowledge it as part of who I am.
  49. I lack exercise and the motivation to exercise. This needs to change – soon.
  50. I love candlelight but I don’t light candles often enough.
  51. I hate to cook, but I have learned to tolerate it so that my husband and I can eat healthily (and cheaply).
  52. The highlight of my day is watching my kitten Nala sit on my lap and purr and stare up at me adoringly.
  53. I am lactose-intolerant. I don’t have it really badly, but I do get very uncomfortable after drinking milk or eating ice cream. Nevertheless, I will treat myself to each at times just because I love it.
  54. As I’ve got older, I have lost my taste for chocolate – but I used to be a chocoholic. Now I tend to crave salty snacks. Since recently being diagnosed as hypertensive, I’ve switched to snacking on fruits more often than not.
  55. I despise intolerance – all prejudice, in my view, is intolerance of one form or another.
  56. I can get snooty. I’ve been told I have above average intelligence and sometimes it goes to my head. Usually, I try to humble myself by seeking out those who seem more learned and wise than myself. Remind myself that “If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
  57. I love to help people … it drains me completely to do so, but I still love to do it.
  58. It seems I have a knack for customer service – people like me .
  59. I have nasty habits: I pick at my cuticles, I drink too much soda, I binge on Lays Original Potato chips when my husband isn’t looking, I stay up late when I should be sleeping … you get the drift.
  60. I don’t particularly like to shop. If I need something, I’ll go get it. Otherwise, I’ll sit it out thanks. The exception is books, electronics and computer stores … don’t let me in any of those, I will go hog-wild.
  61. Once I have loved you, I will love you in one form or another for the rest of my days. I may not show it, may not WANT to show it, but it’s true.
  62. I have 3 tattoos: A rose outline on my left shoulder blade, a barbed-wire wrapped heart in between my breasts and a yin-yang on my ankle surrounded by what used to be sun rays, but no resemble star lines. I’d like to go over the latter 2 to brighten them, and fill in the rose on my shoulder and I’d like to add my birth sign as a fourth on the back my left hand between the thumb and forefinger. My husband has the same response every time I mention it “Why?”. *giggle* I now have 4 tattoos: the rose outline became a rose cluster, the heart and barbed wire is still there, but fading; the yin-yang became a compound image of the yin yang, triple goddess and the pentacle. The fourth is a overlapping of my zodiac and my husband’s zodiac signs. :-)
  63. If I could live my life in jeans, I would.
  64. Favourite TV shows? Yep: House M.D., CSI: Las Vegas and Law and Order (original and spinoffs), The Vampire Diaries, Grimm, and a few other noise-makers when I’m doing menial, routine tasks at my ‘puter such as Revenge, Fairly Legal, and In Plain Sight.; though not much of a TV watcher – would rather read and play games than watch TV mosttimes.
  65. You would have to pay me very highly to watch Lifetime (TV for women) … but I would consider paying you so I could sit and watch Spike (TV for men) all day.
  66. I love coffee but I rarely drink it – except if it is available and I feel I could do with a pick-me-up. Although I wonder how much good it does – I have been known to fall asleep over a cup of coffee. It is only since moving the United States that I have learned to really appreciate my Jamaican coffee.
  67. I love Pepsi; after Hurricane Ivan, I drank hot pepsi non-stop for the week following since the water was undrinkable. “Hot” because there was no electricity to cool them and I preferred pepsi to water.
  68. I studied music – both the theory and practical – to the highest levels and stopped short of the Grade 8 exam (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) just when I entered 6th form and started working towards tertiary education. I was never a prodigy – my talent was not in-born, it was bred and I gave it up for less demanding pursuits.
  69. I was a cheerleader in high school – cheerleading in Jamaican high schools is a little different than it is in the US. We came out of hiding for one event per year only – sports day. 3 weeks of aching muscles and blam! over in a 12 hours.
  70. I was a brownie and a girl guide (or girl scout as they are known in the US).
  71. I want to write; I do it for work and I am trying to do it for fun. I used to write a great deal on my blog here, but my muse has gone on vacation. but I haven’t had much success in either creating anything.
  72. I am grammar obsessed – almost to a fault. Ask my husband. :-)
  73. I added a fifth and a sixth in 2013 – a stippled fern leaf on my right outer calf and a pea pod with 2 peas on my inner left forearm.
  74. I recently picked up vaping in place of smoking cigarettes; it helps with my oral fixation without that nasty stinky smoky smell or the additives or the diseases.

Work In Progress – please be patient.

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  1. WOW! There’s so much I didn’t know about you, lol. I’m sorry about your cats. :( I had wondered how you didn’t mention them like before.

    Good stuff! 😀

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