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I know.

Things look different. I got tired of bluehost and their constant and neverending downtimes. On a weekly basis, I’d get up to 3-5 messages telling my site was down. Not that anyone was reading it anyway, but it was still annoying if for no other reason than the spamming of my inbox. Besides, considering I am writing much less often than I used to, the cost just didn’t seem justifiable. So bluehost is no more.

A friend of mine was experimenting with a virutal server. And most of you know I have a helluva background in IT and lately I’ve been missing the messing around in tech stuff. I decided that “that IT stuff” was so enjoyable that I was going to integrate it into my new paradigm as “self-care”.

That started with building a gaming machine for myself. I’ve been using iMacs for years as my gaming machine. The story goes back to about 2006 or so. I kept losing my machine due to underpowered power supplies mostly. I’d either burn my PSU out or the underpowered aspect would crash my hard drive. And if it wasn’t one of those two things, expansion cards would conflict with each other and I’d spend an inordinate amount of time trying to get the damn thing to work. It was exhausting … especially since I was doing that as part of my job. Hence … my first iMac.

For the next few years, the iMac was a pretty sufficiently powered machine to handle at least World of Warcraft. The last batch or two, though … horrid. The last iMac I had was so very slow that I could almost launch the game (or even a browser) and go pour myself a drink, take a piss, and a shower and come back and it’d still be loading. Considering school is taking up most of my time, I was good with that for the most part. It didn’t make sense to spend money just so I can load my game faster for the 2-4 hours a week I did get to game. As a self-care measure, though, it made far more sense to me.

Since building it, though, it’s as if I have an addiction. I have played more in tech in the last few months than I have in YEARS. Last time I spent this much time playing around in *nix command lines was when the hubster was in Afghanistan. :)

New toys I’ve discovered? DigitalOcean.com, Pi-Hole (and I’ve got pi-hole running on a RaspberryPi), and, of course, Hugo.

Anyway … it might be a while until you hear from me again. You know how to reach me. :)