patches of snow

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my new mac keyboard

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haven’t blogged all week

Last Friday, I felt SO ill that when my colleague suggested we close up shop early, especially since one of the other offices (and in fact the “spearhead” office) was closed early too I didn’t even think about it, and just came home and slept.

…I had my interview on Thursday and two things became clear to me from that interview: I DEFINITELY do not want another Digicel job and that job was going to like Digicel, if not worse… secondly, I better not commit to that kind of job at ALL yet – we might be moving house here in a few months and no one is going to like it if I up and leave 6 months after being hired.

I haven’t blogged all week and I feel like I am missing something.

Since last week, however, I have managed to find an e-book copy of each of the Twilight Saga books and put them on the kindle and I started reading again. Like I was telling a friend, I STILL love the books. I am still thrilled to bits to be despising how much of a twit Bella is and how much of a completely unrealistic character Edward is. I Yesterday, I recapped their first “date” when Edward took Bella to his “special place”, a clearing in the forest. How completely weird the whole incident was. I mean, sparkly? Don’t get me wrong, I admire Meyer’s originality in explaining the centuries long aspect of the vampire myth that has them hiding out during daylight hours, but sparkly just feels …. fantastical to me. Unreal.

In any case, lack of realism aside, stupidity aside, I STILL love the damn story. And I think I am the sort of person who will enjoy anything that can evoke a strong emotion from me. ANYTHING that will make me FEEL, is a damn good story for me. And I don’t mean feel like punching out the creator of the story, I mean feel like punching out the main characters in the story. I feel like I’d step into the book, arrive in Forks, seek out Bella, give her a GOOD talking to about how women are supposed to conduct themselves with pride and dignity, spank her little childish bottom, give that disgusting Charlie a lesson in child-rearing and then walk out – head held high.

Well, lets set Twilight and its subsequent sequels aside and talk about the rest of the week.

It has been warm ALL week. In the 50s most days. Its been real nice. I was off last week Sunday, and I did absolutely nothing all day. I think I might have spent most of the morning on the computer getting apps for my iPhone. And then the afternoon playing with hubby .. until he had to go to work. Then I was supposed to play with Jen, but something happened, and I ended up on my death knight until they called me for a raid.

Monday was work again. I got up early (7am) and got ready and even got to work “early” only to realize that the schedule “change” I thought I was looking at was the wrong one and I didn’t need to be at work until 1pm. I headed back home, of course. Even thought I could probably have used an extra few hours of pay, I doubt that those hours would have been approved as overtime pay … not in the slow season like this. At least hubby and I got to spend a little time together before I went back to work. When I DID get to work, oh boy did I get in trouble. Last Friday, I felt SO ill that when my colleague suggested we close up shop early, especially since one of the other offices (and in fact the “spearhead” office) was closed early too I didn’t even think about it, and just came home and slept. On Monday, the boss called me on it. Wanted to know why, and when I explained, told me it was fine but that I should call him next time it happened. Well, the thing is … I was sick enough that I didn’t even THINK straight about what I should be doing. And frankly, I was only there until that time because I didn’t want to leave the other girl there alone late at night. Otherwise I think I would’ve left HOURS before the 8:10 I did leave. Oh well, lets hope next time I think more clearly – right?

The rest of the week was uneventful. I had my interview on Thursday and two things became clear to me from that interview: I DEFINITELY do not want another Digicel job and that job was going to like Digicel, if not worse… secondly, I better not commit to that kind of job at ALL yet – we might be moving house here in a few months and no one is going to like it if I up and leave 6 months after being hired. I am going to have to rethink this job thing a little.

Yesterday was weird. It dawned a little overcast. Then the sun came out for about an hour at 10ish. Then it got overcast a little and started raining about noon or 1ish. By 2:30 it had turned to a snow and rain mix and by 3 it was snowing hard. HUGE snowflakes. I mean, snow accumulating on the cars, kind of snow. Of course, it wasn’t accumulating on the road surface … oh no, that would have still been too warm!!!


By the time 5pm rolled around and knocking off time, there was a significant amount of snow on the ground


Ridiculous. It was freaking 50 degrees earlier that day!!! From 50 degrees to below 32 within the space of an afternoon??? Good grief!

This morning, was the best one ever. I woke up and got on my computer and started to blog and BLAM! out goes my keyboard. So, another trip to apple in the works, I wake hubby and we head on up there. Over the phone, they had wanted me to make an appointment which I didn’t want to do in case I couldn’t make it in time, or hubby said we would get it at the PX .. or you know – anything. Luckily, he was just as thrilled to make the almost-hour-long-drive into Louisville to visit the apple store again and so off we went. I went prepared to spend the $50 for the new keyboard … I mean, I was out of warranty on my iMac and there just didn’t seem anyway possible for me to get it any other way. Ha!

Dude takes the 2 keyboards from me, takes out the new one, puts my old one in the box and sends me home with a “have a nice day” smile. WOW! I love apple. I did NOT expect that at ALL – I walked up to him and pulled out my card to swipe and he was like “Oh no – I’m replacing it for you. Put your card back up.”

I secretly believe that had I looked like I expected to get it free they might have charged me for it. Maybe. /shrug Who knows. I am just LOVING the support though. And I have a brand spanking new keyboard. =) Want a picture?


Isn’t shiny looking?


So today, the snow was still around, and coming back from the Apple store, we took a different route home, just so hubby could show me this route. And OH it reminded me SO much of Mount Rosser (well except for the snow part) that I had to take some picts (pardon the windscreen wiper marks – this is a highway, stopping on the side of it was just not possible. People are travelling in excess of 50mph on this road):

IMG_0102.JPG IMG_0105.JPG

I miss home! =(

Ok, this post is long enough … I better stop here.

my twilight series rant

This morning, on FB, I noticed a friend posting a note voicing very loudly a complete and utter disgust with Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series. Stop, stop – before you Twilight lovers get your panties in a bunch, here’s the thing:  Meyer has portrayed Bella and her peers in a light that is MOST unhealthy for modern teens. And THIS is the point being made. It is sickening to think that Bella could be a role-model for nowadays teens. I never considered this before because frankly, I despise Bella. I think she is a weak and snivelling ditz. BUT … I am very familiar with the concept of a protagonist in a story being THE most hated of all in the entire story. It pains me to admit this, but I canNOT recall at this moment where this concept was born in my head. I studied literature at A-level and have had the benefit of MANY classical literature…..

ARGH!!!! I’ve remembered. =)  Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales – specifically The Pardoner’s Tale. I had to read that for A-level literature. That man, the pardoner, was the most insipid, cold-hearted and CRUEL character I had come across. He was ruthless, yet cunning and in some ways amusing. We learned to despise him, yet appreciate him and his point of view and in the end learning to love his hateful ways.

I admit, it is a complex concept but it is the lesson learned that helped me appreciate Bella and Jacob in this light. It was their rant that brought my attention to the fact that while*I* had the benefit of such a lesson, there are others who have not. A LOT of others. A great number of them young teens without the concept that a main character is not necessarily the nicest character. I have to say that I think Ms. Meyer dropped the ball here. There are too many impressionable minds out there willing to grab at Bella as a role model. And Bella is the worst example of how one should conduct oneself as a young woman in today’s world. There are a few other incidents in the story that create a moral outrage as well, but I can’t mention them without giving away the story. Suffice it to say that this story is not about how life should ideally be at all – it’s not a blueprint, it’s not a guide, it’s not a fairytale .. it is a fantasy which is dark and brooding and not necessarily positive.

For those of us with a solid moral view of what is “right” and “wrong”, the Twilight series is a wonderful read especially if one can accept the fact that the main character is not necessarily the one you are supposed to like … for the rest of us .. well, let us hope that the voice of the former group creates perspective for the latter.

v-day 2009

Last year, I thought that Valentine’s Day couldn’t be beat. Well, hubby beat it – by a mile!

He texts me at work (cos we can do that now with iPhones) and tells me to tell him when I am heading home. So I call him when I am leaving and he sounds mysterious … when I get home I must read the note on the door.

Ok … so I get home and I read the note on the door. I am thinking, what the hell is this man up to. Turns out it’s a treasure hunt. He sends me ALL over the house …


I know the writing is blurry, sorry about that. Still getting used to taking photos on the iPhone.

So anyway, literally all over the damn house, back and forth … ending in the driveway timed perfectly so that I get there just as he pulls in. And he takes my hand and kisses me and wishes me Happy Valentine’s Day and leads me to the passenger side of the truck and there sitting in the seat is THE cutest little bear with a heart in his hands, sitting on a box of Hershey chocolates and holding a deep red rose in his hands.

Then he topped it off with a card that literally made me cry … and the man was amused at that. Oh how he laughed at my tears. Said that was what he wanted and that he was pleased that he was able to get it. Wicked man, but oh how I love him.



nextel begone, hello at&t and …

So, we had this planned for months now – iPhones for each of us and a move from Nextel to AT&T … both of us had had it with Nextel … for different reasons, but still we’d had it. I think hubby was even more pissed off at them than I was – he didn’t even port his old number over. I at least kept mine.

So we drove up to Louisville on Thursday night to get them… well, we attempted to do it when I got off from work, but then when he called his supervisor, he realized that in his excitement he had forgotten that he had a class that evening, so we hightailed it back to the campus, I dropped him off and went to collect the laptop and stuff for him (I need to get him a knapsack, that laptop bag was nice for travelling but it kinda sucks for school).

AFTER class, we headed back out on the highway and into Louisville to the apple store. I told hubby we could get it at the AT&T store in Elizabethtown, at Walmart or at Best Buy … but he insisted he wanted to go to the Apple store. Of course, I didn’t argue, because I look for any excuse to go the apple store myself. =D Hehe. (I still can’t believe how much of an apple geek he has turned out to be as well *giggle* – some people might blame me for that, but … /shrug).

So anyway, I don’t think we’ve done much of anything else since we got home on Thursday night – we have played with them …. almost non-stop since. It’s like it’s Christmas all over again. While we sat at Wendy’s Thursday night eating, he managed to look up from his phone long enough to say to me “Happy Valentine’s Day, honey!” and was back into his phone almost immediately. It’s really quite funny.

2 years in a row now, he’s done this v-day thing … and I wonder what he could possibly dream up next year to beat this year AND last year’s gifts. I just canNOT imagine. And I don’t care either … as any of you who know me can attest, I REALLY don’t care one way or another about the day itself… I tend to be a all-round-the-year giver instead of a special day giver. Like with just about everything else, I hate to be told when to buy someone a gift. Dammit if I feel like getting you a gift tomorrow, I damn well will do so.

At the same time, I MUST admit to feeling pretty damned good with this year’s gift and I still have VERY fond memories of last year’s gift as well.

So anyway, without any further ado, the iPhone 3G – fyr style:

It’s here … isn’t it a beaut?