a good day

Remember I was dreading Sunday? Well, here’s what happened on Sunday:

I walked in, rushed in actually, cos I thought I was late. Boss’ wife was vacuuming the office when I got in. She greeted me with “What a way to spend your Sunday, huh?” and then “Here … here is your very own office key.” and hands me a key to the office. I am like “Whoa! Thanks!” she smiled and said something else funny. She’s a real nice lady. Met her on my first day there and liked her immediately.

Well, as it turns out, they BOTH liked me. A LOT! Later on, just before we closed, Boss says (after I said thanks about the key) “Oh – no worries. You should’ve had one before now, but I just never got around to cutting one before today.” And I say something like “Didn’t think I qualified for one” and he goes “Oh No! Not at all…. I was just my usual methodically late self. No, no – you’re doing GREAT! And I don’t think you’ll ever even imagine how grateful I am to you for walking in here looking for a job that day. You saved us here!”

And I nearly melted all over the floor. I’m doing great? He is grateful I came in looking for a job? I am doing THAT good that he had to SAY it to me with vim and vigor.

I gotta tell ya – that’s the kind of thing I have been missing ALL my life. Positive reinforcement about my work. I could be wrong, but I seem to remember that I had to ASK for feedback on my work before. It wasn’t very forthcoming on its own… and even when I DID ask, it was limited to one specific item or situation. Very demotivating. You go around thinking that maybe you aren’t doing such a good job because no one is saying anything. Of course, I know that you can’t ALWAYS get praise for everything you do. In fact, it is not in human nature to praise more often than it is to condemn … so I guess I understand on a very basic level what it means. But still, it was very nice to hear that I was welcome, and useful and actually good at what I do.

My mother, of course, has always said I’d excel at whatever I chose to do – but I never really listened to her – cos it’s her job to be my main and loudest cheerleader. But it turns out that she just might have been right after all. I attribute that to the perfectionist in me. If I am going to attempt something, I am going to make it as near-perfect as I can … just because any less would drive me crazy.

So, a week later, and I know I am going good at this job. I feel good.


Only problem today is, that it’s been snowing all night. Hubby got up at 2 to go into work to help be there in case there are weather related problems. I dunno how I am going to go in … oh wait, phone call. Boss called, saying to stay in and prolly that we will be closed again tomorrow too. We’ll see I guess. It’s bad out there now. (about 3 hours later) – the rain/sleet came down and covered the snow with ice. Went out just now with hubby to grab some kitteh food and was sliding all over the damn driveway to get into the truck.

I gotta tell ya, it’s annoying as hell, but I like it. Am waiting to see how many of these it’ll take for me to be like “ok this is old now.” It’s nice though, to see hubby taking a renewed interest in snow and ice and so on as he experiences it with me like it was a first time for him again.


Yesterday was my first day-off. I had hoped for the entire weekend off, but it looks like it was not in the cards for me. I mean, I am sure he would have given me the day off today too had I asked, but the thing is, since this is a peak season, it would probably be good to get in as many hours as I can so I can take full advantage of it – more hours = more money. He DID warn me that there will be weeks when he will be hard-pressed to find 40 hours for me to work … so I guess I get this part of it over now and then I can have a couple or more days at a time in a week or 2. Frankly, I don’t feel like complaining … this all brings me closer and closer to my iPhone in a week or so. Oh I seriously can’t wait. THAT will be the highlight of my week, I know.

Today is first day of work for me this week and this week is going to be HELL. 12-5 today, 11-7 tomorrow, 1-9 Tuesday, 10-6 Wednesday and Thursday and then 1-9 on Friday again finishing the week with 9-5 on Saturday … Man! Tough week ahead.

So, Bear is being quite anti-social these days. He no longer wants to lie on my desk watching the outside anymore, he disappears soon after I get up and he stays disappeared until its food time at 5:30. I won’t lie, I am beginning to feel resentful… sad and resentful. He doesn’t pay much attention to Nala either … it’s like he’s the boss and he does what he wants, when he wants … and if you neglect to organize his care in time … h’oh boy …. meow crescendo in the place.

To his credit, VERY briefly last night when he came out for food and realized I was reclining on the couch, he jumped up and kinda lay beside me for a minute or 2… but then he was off batting the mice under the furniture. And then when he was done with that, it was back to meowing at me very plaintively like he hadn’t eaten for days. It’s unsettling and very disturbing for me. I called him ALL day, I kept calling to him “Bear honey – where are you?” “Bear come sit with mommy” … nothing. /sigh

And now this morning, he was on the desk when I came out, but as soon as I sat down, off he went. He’s not sick … cos he eats and bathrooms just the same … and he plays at night just the same and tries to get into all the closed doors he can find … so .. must be something else. Nala? Cos she is overly affectionate. She makes up for him and THEN some. He hasn’t hurt her. And he doesn’t seem to WANT to hurt her. But I dissuade her as much as I can from being herself just so he doesn’t feel left out .. doesn’t work – he still just keeps a far berth. The thing about Nala is that she TAKES her affection. And she does not take no for an answer.

I dunno … I am about ready to just give up. Hubby and I make these special efforts to include him … call for him, push Nala away for him, give him treats and not her. He seems adamant to be the strong, silent type. Oh well, I guess that’s just how it’s gonna go then … may as well make up my mind that my cuddly Bear is now a thing of the past.


Well, may as well start my day …

she really that smart?


I am home today and I thought it’d be nice to just chill. I’m not in-game, I’m not even out of my PJs, I am sitting in the living room, feet up on the couch, watching Law and Order on TNT (sound familiar?). Nala is awake and playful. She seemed to have lost her mind, because she kept chasing air around and pouncing on it.

We bought mice that looks like this picture here for them. Bear had loved them before and she seemed to love them too. Well, lately they seem to have rediscovered them and were chasing them all over the house. Hubby and I would get awake in the morning and there’d be one in each bathroom, one under our bedroom door and one tucked away in the laundry room … and then every so often, I move aside the couch or entertainment center and they’re all grouped up under there – chased properly out of sight.

One night, I watched Bear dominate both mice that were currently in play. First he chased one down the corridor, around the living room and finally under the entertainment center. After almost crawling under there himself, he gave up and went on his way. Little Nala just sat aside and watched Bear bat the mouse around. When it disappeared under the entertainment center, she looked at us and then at Bear a couple of times, and then just got up and went to sit somewhere else.

This morning, since she was chasing air, I decided I’d get the mice out from under the entertainment center for her. Oh she was ecstatic. But while I am watching her play with them, I notice something. The minute she gets close to the base of the entertainment center, she would stop, pick the mouse up in her mouth and walk far away with it – away from the entertainment center. The first 2 times I saw her do it, I thought it was just her play routine – pick it up in her mouth and run with it. When it happened 3 and 4 more times, I began to think that maybe she KNEW she would lose it under there and so made a decision to take it away from the “danger” spot. And it occurred to me that cats ARE smart that way sometimes … could our little Nala be THAT smart?

peak season

So, army W2s came out yesterday. As is expected, there was a run on the office. I think it probably wasn’t half as bad as the other 2 offices, but it was bad, because at 9pm. I was still sittin’ there doin’ tax returns when I should’ve been home 3 hours before. I was exhausted and irritable and I just wanted to crawl into bed, but I had to eat and let the food settle first. Man, I just wanted to scowl all night long. Thankfully, hubby WAS mad at me cos I didn’t call to say I’d be late, but he was too relieved that I was ok to be mad for long. He forgave me, made dinner, babied me a little … but then left the kitchen for me to clear up before climbing into bed. I was just so irritable, I said nothing, did what I had to do, and climbed into bed…. where he murmured comfort words to me for a while until we both passed out.

It’s going to be another hectic day today, I think … but this time I am going to leave at 6 as I am scheduled to cos these long days are just not going to work for me.

I can tell you THIS much, this weekend? Yea … not doing a damn thing. Sleep and read.

One small nagging thought, and that is that I am making TONS of mistakes that will just … be my undoing. I can’t shake it. I don’t know what it is. I just hope it’s that guy that lives in the back of my head who is the fatalist, the one who puts me down (sometimes overly so) in order to keep me humble … I hope it’s just him .. and not premonition.

Oh well … I guess we’ll find out soon enough.


I am just so TIRED tho … like I am running on fumes even though I am eating and sleeping … I mean, I get 3 meals most days (yesterday was the exception with the wrap that had a hair in it), and I get 7-8 hours sleep at night (except for that hour or so during which hubby snoozes the alarm for like a half hour).

Bear is mad at me, I figure it’s because I am absent more now. I cuddle with them less. Like this morning, I have on a black shirt – I can’t go to work covered in cat hair. The one or two is fine, but if I go cuddling, I’ll be literally covered.

Oh well, time to go worry myself and the car over to the gas station … hope I have enough to get there. That’s what you get for putting it off “until after work” when after work is a whole 3 and a half hours after you expected. /sigh


achy and tired

I feel SO tired and achy this morning. I know it’s because I am not used to working these hours. I know it’ll pass especially if hubby keeps his promise to insist we walk every other day. I know I only gotta hang on, hang in there, bear it out … but frankly, I just really wanna crawl back under the electric blanket and cry.


Well, 10 am to 6 pm is a VERY long day if you spend about half of it sitting around, chatting and waiting… and that is just about all I did yesterday. Sit around, waiting and chatting. I processed 3 customers, 2 were final returns with no saves, 1 was a “let’s start it and I’ll bring the rest of the paperwork in by Friday”. It’s hard for people like me to sit around doing nothing all day. I can get online, but I they say they track our activity and I don’t particularly want them knowing about all my little haunts and stuff online. Altho, I could just sit and read Lifehacker all day =)

So anyway, it’s hard for me to sit and do nothing … you guys know I get into all kinds of stuff here at home when I am here – I am either taking a low activity day and reading for the majority of it, or I am exploring stuff online and playing with my sites. Or, I am playing WoW. Which sometimes I feel I could do with while sitting there … just so I can urge the day to go faster. (Oh yea – want the day to go like lightening, play WoW).

So anyway, I got another call from the local cable provider yesterday. I don’t think people read resumes, since every single person who has contacted me has asked me to go over what I did in my last couple of jobs. Sometimes I wanna say “don’t y’all read?” but that kind of attitude isn’t really conducive to getting hired, is it? Thing is, I get the feeling that no one is really interested in me and my skills, they’re just going through the motions and moving bodies along like cattle in a branding shop. And I guess that goes against my whole being …. seeing that I am a little on the sensitive side of things.

I have to be completely honest, and say that I won’t be heartbroken if I don’t get a high-profile, high-tech job … I don’t feel like joining the US version of the rat race. I’d rather keep the work simple and uncomplicated. But we all know that beggars aren’t choosers, and it’ll be awhile before *I* can pick and choose jobs .. so for now, I take what I can get.

So ok, that was pretty much my day yesterday. I am dying to hear about Yolospat’s few days in Colorado. I didn’t hear from her once, so I am going to assume she had a ball and will call me as soon as she can and give me some updates. Can’t wait, hun. Hurry it up already. :D

And on that note, going to swallow my many pills and start getting ready to go.


Day 3 and tired as a dog

So, today was day 3. I got in early, and it was just 3 of us. I buckled down immediately to some practice scenarios, but soon was bored. So we got to talking – the 3 of us. It was a SLOW day, what can I tell ya? So anyway, they are all like – it’s time for you to do your first return on your own. I’m like – no way Jose. But they tell me that the next customer in was mine and they’d help me.

Well, the next new customer wasn’t until almost 4pm. And as luck would have it, she only wanted to “see whether it made sense to file” … my first customer was a voided return, cos she didn’t need to file, we found it wouldn’t be advantageous of her to file … so she left.


So I am still a virgin preparer. Ha!

I came home and hubby said “we are walking tonite” .. so he bundled me up into like 3 layers of warm sweater stuff. I mean literally, I was a bundle of material. And we walked. It was a good walk. There are 2 grades between our house and our destination… and although they aren’t big huge hills, they are a nice little challenge to the walker who is power-walking and out of shape like me. So I came back winded with a nice burn in my thighs, calves and tummy. I tell him we need to do that at least 3 times a week. He agreed. I think it’s not so much that he thinks I need to lose weight, but more that he realizes how hopeless I am about my own discipline to get exercise and how unhappy I am about it… so he’s going to help me.

What a wonderful man! =)

So, I am about ready to hit the hay here … SOOOOO Tired, it isn’t even funny. And not even midnight – which is my target time for bed since I have to be at work at 10am.

All that being said, I am gonna sign off here … y’all take care now, hear?


i have a schizoid printer

Last week, I was getting down and dirty with the tax preparation courses and practice sessions. I would print out the assessment scenarios and then manually prepare the requisite forms (in pencil, of course, cos I could erase the figures and use the same form for the next scenario). But anyway, I am mindful of paper waste and so I ALWAYS print duplexed. All of a sudden, on Thursday night, the printer stopped duplexing. The print queue on my iMac would say “Opening printer connection …” and then it would say a couple of seconds later “Printer Connection Failed: Unable to open the printer connection. Please check your printer connections and check for printer errors.” The printer itself would have no errors, it would just be sitting there, looking all innocent and stuff … like it hadn’t even HEARD that it was supposed to be printing something… the print queue would have this huge glaring error …. Even more innocent looking when we send single pages to it and it prints, but looking away whistling when we tell it to duplex.

So, as usual, I dig into the logs. I fire up the Macs native log browser and see some errors that make me cringe “[Job 93] can’t open `/private/var/spool/cups/tmp/496ffa9500870′.” … and other similar messages. Ooooh boy.  Of course, I am tired by this time cos I’ve been doing this literally ALL DAY. And I haven’t stopped once. So I sit back and sigh. Hubby is beside himself because he knows this is not something he can cheer me up about. I sit back and a light bulb goes off “Fix perms!” it says. And I obey. I don’t even run a check perms in disk utility first, I just run a fix perms because that last error indicated to me there was a permissions problem .. maybe.

Well, it wasn’t. When I attempted the print again after the “Repair Permissions” in Disk Utility, I got the same set of errors. So I go LOOKING for these culprit files that the OS is claiming it cannot open … and lo and behold, it’s not that the file is there and has permissions that would preclude it from being opened … oh no. The file named in the error message isn’t there AT ALL.

Of course, you know, at this point, I just throw my hands in the air and go to bed – right? That I did – but not before submitting a support request to HP for the problem – explaining ALL the things we did to “fix” this error.

So anyway, they responded maybe yesterday of Friday with a question about how the printer is connected – whether via USB or network (Ethernet) and I didn’t even bother to respond because I was so tired and just needed to sleep. I  responded this morning though and while I am sitting there pondering the weird situation again, what do I do? I try to duplex print … and guess what? The damn printer duplex printed!

So I am sitting here and the most logical conclusion I can come to about this stupid printer is that … *IT* was tired why it refused to print. Well, either that, or we need to get it to a psychologist … cos it’s developed schizophrenic tendencies.


what a mom!


Ha! Now THAT’s a MOM! LOL. Speaking of which, I called mine last night. I wanted to tell her about my day yesterday. And of course she kept me chatting for a good 40 minutes… gotta love my moms. But she was VERY proud and happy to hear that I was doing ok … and even doing great. “Just goes to show that you can do it” she said and I think what she was trying to tell me was that I didn’t have to have the fear that I couldn’t cut it here, that I just needed to find something I enjoyed and do it.

So, I had TONS of fun yesterday and it hit me while I was talking to her WHAT it is that makes it  fun … and it’s because I am learning something new. And that’s the key to getting a job that I will enjoy … if I can work at a job where there’s always something new to learn, I will be SO much better off. I get really bored when it’s the same thing day after day. Which makes me realize that MAYbe a Barnes & Noble job might not quite cut it … I mean, who knows, maybe just being able to work among the books would be fascinating enough for me, and I’ll probably never know unless I try it … but somehow I have the feeling that I need to be doing something where I can be sampling new stuff, and attempting to learn it for whatever reason – make it better, describe it to people (technical writing?), use it for a time (this tax return stuff) …. food for thought.

I tried to stay awake to talk to Jenny … (sorry sis – I literally passed out over the kindle). Like I was telling Mom, it’s not that I FELT bone tired, but that I knew I ought to be bone tired. I did FEEL tired, just not THAT tired. My body and psyche hasn’t been used to 9 hour days for over a year. I knew I had to head to bed and forget about trying to stay up. I gotta take care of the bod lest it fail me again. Can’t have that at ALL. No siree!

*snicker* Hubby came to bed a little after I passed out and was searching around in the bed beside me. “Whatchu lookin’ for?” I slurred, half asleep. “Your kindle, you silly goose.” he goes. Somehow, passed out or no, I managed to remember to plug in the kindle for the night and put it to sleep. Weird.

Speaking of hubby, he called me and invited me out to Applebee’s for dinner – we’d been putting it off for a while (a Christmas gift from his parents), and he thought that last night was as good a night as any to celebrate. Well, the house smelt pretty nice when I made a pit stop before dinner, but AFTER dinner … Oh My Goodness! House smells SO good!!! He went out and got candles for our candle warmers and lemme tell ya – it smells GOOD in here. Mmmm…. he IS a wonderful man. I had to do absolutely NOTHING when I got home last night,’cept bathe and fall into bed. Everything was taken care of.  *swoons* I got lucky – BIGtime!

So anyway, the day yesterday went like this:

I got in, he put me to sit at a desk, we brought up my profile, he looked at my progress and was impressed. “You passed that last one”, he said. “Oh yea,”, I said “I made another attempt and got it right”.  Well, in order to actually process returns, I had to pass another series of tests – these mandatory. So I got to studying. Spent the entire morning studying. Lunch  came and went, and I didn’t even realize it. He came back from checking in with the other locations about 2 and plunked a sub on my desk and said “lunch for you”. I was so entranced with what I was doing, that I had skipped lunch.

Finally attempted the test about then, since he was right there, and passed them all with flying colors. He was there sitting with me, of course, but he didn’t really HAVE to be, we discovered. I kinda knew the stuff.  But he did help clarify a lot of stuff and I feel even more confident now.

I took a stab at the software they use and found it FAIRLY intuitive. Had a go at a practice return and found myself a little lost in not a few places, but the software steered me in the right direction anyway … and when I found myself at the end of it, I had almost an entire ream of printouts ….which we will go through today when I go in.

By then, it was like after 6pm .. and I was stunned. How on EARTH did  I make it to 6pm without even noticing? Is this how the days will go from now on? I certainly hope so. That’ll make it a lot easier.

I promised to go back in today so he could go over some other stuff with me – maybe even do a mock-up client interview and do the return that way. Ha! Frankly, I think that will be the hardest part for me, dealing with clients. So that will be good for me.

At the end of the day, if I find a more permanent position elsewhere, they won’t hold it against me to leave.  He schedules on a weekly basis, so I promised him I’d at least finish out the week. Which is only fair. And he seemed to like that too. In fact, I think he liked a LOT of things about me up to now. I hope I don’t end up disappointing him. Not that it matters in the grand scheme of things, but I like to leave a lot of happy people in my wake … not corpses or angry people. Know what I mean?

It’s Saturday .. and I am preparing to get ready and go out to work for 8 hours … hmm… I MUST be sick. But there it is, folks. Happily employed. Ever thought you’d hear me say that?  :|

i tired

I post more tomorrow .. maybe. Assuming I not dead on my feet.

Today was good – I put in 12 hours and did REALLY WELL! I am just about ready to do returns and I think based on how new I am that is damned good. The pay not so good … least not as good as I had hoped, but at least I know I can leave anytime I get a permanent posting somewhere.

It looks like it’ll be fun… and the worst of it might be the belligerent few who intend to defraud the system. THAT will be interesting to see me deal with that…

Like today when I said “So I have to tell them that if they LIE to me they are likely to get penalized” and had him say “Well, yea – but not like that.”


Suit the Fyr to be blunt and direct when she didn’t need to be.


Anyways – I am heading to bed with my kindle – I am TIRED!

More later

man it’s cold!

It’s 12 degrees out there now.

I went out this morning to the hospital since I had promised to help cover these last 2 days for them, I kept my promise and made Jackson Hewitt wait for me until tomorrow. (Does that sound arrogant, or WHAT?!)  Now the hospital parking lots are quite a ways away from the building – the walk is a good long walk .. maybe half a mile from the furtherst lot to the entrance I go into. Usually, I park in the furthest lot because its the one that I am likely to find a space in. For some odd reason, Ireland Army Community Hospital is more popular than Carnival.

So anyway, I parked there this morning. It was 9am and the sun was out. BUT it wasn’t anywhere NEAR warm. On the walk to the door, I SWEAR I nearly lost all feeling in right ear lobe. Course, all the anatomy brains will tell me that it’s the part of the body with the least amount of blood flow … yea yea yea .. whatever … I lost almost ALL feeling in my right ear. I thought it was falling off .. I just couldn’t tell whether it was there or not – even when I touched it, it felt like it maybe wasn’t there.

The funniest part about this was this: the ONLY parts of my body that were feeling it were my exposed facial parts. My nose, my cheeks, my ears … everything else was nice and toasty warm. Odd feeling. I had on 2 layers – my thermal underwear, jeans over that and a sweater … my new coat over that.

In any case, the point I was trying to make was that it was FREEZING.

Well, I wasn’t totally wrong … I kept walking and driving by what used to be pools of water on the ground and were now solid blocks of ice. I kept thinking about my friend DJ and hearing his voice in my head yelling  “NO SISTREN! YUH DEH PAN YUH OWN WID DAT!”  *snicker* Is lie, DJ? Don’t dat is exactly what you would be telling me if I tell you is 12 degrees fahrenheit outside? Yup – I thought so. ;)

So anyway, I apologized for yesterday as soon as I walked in. What happened yesterday? Short version of the story: I couldn’t move out of bed for pain. Long version: I got up to pee, and had to literally crawl back into bed. One piece ah pain lik mi mi seriously si sparks and ting. Oh MAN! Pain like nothing I have felt in a long LONG time. And it’s after the pain had eased somewhat – about half hour later and after hubby had to get out of bed himself and get me 2 alleve and a glass of water – that I realized that it’s just about 2 years since the endometriosis treatments were finished. Just about – not quite. Which means, the pain starts again in earnest now. Maybe. After falling back into blissful slumber once the pain was a dull ache, I didn’t leave the bed again until 1pm. And that was mostly because the pain was coming back -  I needed another shot of alleve. In total yesterday, I swallowed 7 Alleve. That’s how much pain I was in. Took me by surprise, it did. Next month, I need prepare by once again dosing myself with Alleve and Advil a day or 2 before … just so I am not caught with my tummy in the shitbox again like yesterday. Nice.

I don’t think they understood, and I thank my lucky stars that it was just volunteering. A paying job might have let me go for that. Wow.

That said, they put it behind, in the past and we moved on. I was there today and that was all that matters. How nice of you to have them wait. Well, not so much nice as showing that I am person of integrity all round. I make a promise, I am going to attempt to keep it. Furthermore, since I promised to help them in the office more, whatever days I have free in the low traffic weeks coming up, I will find one or two days to pop in and relieve them too. It’s nice working there … kind of boosts my self-esteem to work with people who actually like having me around for the skills I possess. People who say it at least once a day “Wow. I wish I could have you here all the time. You just saved the day.” That feels DAMNED good. Yes. It does.

So back to the cold, I parked equidistant between our PX and commissary (department store and grocery store on post) and walked to the 2 places. I think people must have thought me to be mad …. the wind was blowing nicely making my ears feel like they were going to drop off again. But lemme tell you, that I find it FAR more annoying to park one place and walk in for 2 items, and then drive less than a mile and park again to walk in for 2 more items. So, I got out of the truck (oh yes, I had to take the truck today), pulled my hood up over my head and hunched over, hands in pockets and headed in the general direction of the store door.

But it’s gotten a little ridiculous when I get home and I have to adjust the furnace up by 5 degrees, put on socks AND my warm shoes AND 2 sweaters. Just a little ridiculous. I think this damned furnace has issues, but I can’t get in touch with maintenance … so, bundle up, turn it up and drink more tea. *raises cup for toast*

I took Nala to get her stitches out today too – since tomorrow I will be occupied, I figured today wouldn’t be too soon. Well, they took them out alright, but managed to open up the wound again while doing so. So poor li’l Nala will have to go around the house with that damned Elizabethan collar for a day or 3 more. Po’ tyke. Oh she was MAD at me today for disturbing her sleep and taking her to THAT PLACE again today. Oh you could see it in the car coming back. She was giving me these looks – I swear she was muttering under her breath “Damn witch! Wake me up, take me to this strange place with all these loud mouthed other witches who poked and prodded at my poor belly and after all of that I STILL have this damn lampshade on my head!”

I still have some more studying to do, but I think I am going to give it some more of a break tonite and start in earnest in the office tomorrow morning. I HOPE those machines aren’t retarded and I can use them without wanting to smash them through the walls.

One thing I need to remember is that life is a LOT slower here than in Kingston. I don’t need to be operating at blurr-speed here at all. And it’s better to slow down and take my time and wow them, than to operate like a whirly-gig, risk looking like a fool for overlooking something and making mistakes. I find if I slow down, the perfectionist in me can be satisfied without having to go back over my work and re-do it. I more often than not get it right the first time.

So anyway, I am excited about tomorrow. I can’t WAIT for it to get here. I’ve armed myself with a calculator and a new mechanical pencil.  Oooh, I am going to have SO much fun. Be assured there WILL be a blog post tomorrow. So, see you then.