May this day bring you peace, tranquility, and harmony.

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You know your pet is cute when …

So funny story. Because the hubster’s schedule is wonky for a bit, I’ve got evening dog walking duties for a few days. He liked walking Rusty in the evenings because of all the attention they get together. My two boys, out trolling for winks and woos.  He probably won’t admit it out loud, but that’s ok. I know how it goes. 😊

This evening, I encountered two ladies walking in the opposite direction. By the way, I dunno about this notion that your pets get you more attention. Moments before, Rusty and I passed a young man who looked like he barely wanted to say hello. It must be a woman thing. Or maybe I wasn’t looking as cute as I thought I was. Whatever the case, he almost totally ignored us. Those two women, though, didn’t hesitate to call out “Hallo Rusty.” No hallos for me. No siree. It was all about the cute doggie. 

I see how it is. 

It is most definitely Autumn.

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One lone toadstool.

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Hoop, trees, sky #morningwalk

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From the overactive mind chronicles

Pine_Needles_(5902273583)This morning as I walked Rusty, I turned my nose up into the air and sniffed in much the same way I’ve seen Rusty do on several occasions. In fact, it is one of his signature looks especially when there is food on the air waves. I like to imagine he’s savouring all the smells and just enjoying life and the ability to experience life. I imagine that’s what is in his head because that is what is in mine when I lift my face up to the sky and take deep breaths too. And this morning was no different.

The air is fresh and clean this morning, like it was washed in fresh pine. The odour of the pine needles is so strong even the least sensitive nose is likely to be able to detect it. The scent overrides just every other smell (except dog poop). I literally walked with a smile on my face for the whole half hour, taking deep breaths, enjoying the scent of pine. (It should probably be noted that pine is one of my favourite scents alongside sage, vanilla, and clove.)

The one jarring note in this idyllic morning walk is that my mind couldn’t help but make connections with the extra strong smell of pine and the storm that just passed through here this weekend. We got 20mph winds on Saturday and the yard is littered with broken branches and the pine needle contingents in the yard, on the driveway, and on the streets have quadrupled.

The bottom line? This lovely walk laced with my favourite scent, heavy on the air, is courtesy of the destruction of nature. Basically, things had to break for me to enjoy my favourite scent “naturally”.

Yeah; my husband is most definitely right – I think way too damned much. /sigh

Ooh; new WordPress version is out

So I hear that it’s easier to add formatting into the edit box. I bet that means you have to be using the visual box.

Apparently they updated things like:

  • lists
  • quotes
  • but not bold or italic formatting? how droll

At least quoting works.

And headings:

Like this one.

I really wish they’d done bold though; and italics. Oh well; no worries. That gets converted upon publication. 😀


P.S. By the way, I am late. This happened last week Tuesday; on my birthday no less. :/